Thursday, April 19, 2012

custom-shaped aperture

hey ho!

i saw this incredible diy in february on the globetrotter diaries page!


this is so amazing! karen explains how you create an aperture with a costumized shape.
she did it with a heart, but you can do it with everything.
unfortunately i only have a zoom-lens for my digital camera. so i tried with my old minolta xd-5.
and this is how it looked:

i shot the whole film and already shooting was such a fun!!
i used for my shape the "htw"-logo of the university i applied for using it in my application as well. when i brought my film to a photo-studio to let i process, the employee told me, it was a positive-slide-film (it was an old one i got from my father)... so i was very exited, what happened to my pictures. the result was... the complete film was black, exept for one picture (dia how we call it in germany). so i used this one for my application.
sorry, for the fuzz...


it's a really great idea... and i'm gonna try this some more times for sure!

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