Saturday, April 28, 2012

diy: dart-necklace

hey guys!

some weeks ago, when i was at my local flea market here in berlin, i found a box full of old darts.
they were all in different colors and i just had to mix different pieces together and bought some.
i didn't know wherefore to use them, but then came the idea!
i wanted to make necklaces of it.

so this is the diy: dart-necklace

you need:

old or new darts.
chain (very thin, has to fit through the hole in the handle).
one small jump ring.
a drill for a very small hole.
(a pair of tongs.)

you do:

1. first, you have to drill a hole in the plastic-part of the handle. it's not that easy, because it has to be very small, and still big enough for your chain.
watch out your fingers because the drill slips easily from the round and smooth plastic.
begin with a little dent and then start with the power.

2. thread the chain through the hole. if the chain isn't small enough, you might squeeze the single chain links with a pair of tongs. sometimes a wire can help you to get the chain through the hole.

3. now you only have to measure up how long the necklace should be, cut the chain, and connect the two ends with the jump ring.

that's it. now get out and have fun with your unique dart-necklace!

you can as well buy some of my dart-necklaces HERE on etsy

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