Sunday, April 22, 2012

diy: holga-fignatures

hey guys!
about one year ago, even before i got my wonderful holga, i found this great tutorial!
i always wanted to try this, and after i got my holga, i finally did!

so, this is how it works:

you need:

. your holga (of course!)
. a tiny figure (the ones they use for railroad models) in the size N, mine were 0,8-1 cm tall
. superglue

that's what you do:

take out your holga-film mask, and glue the figure on the bottom (or top, or sides). superglue is really fantastic, you just have to put a little at the feet and press it onto the plastic, and after 2 minutes it's solid. that's all you have to do. put the film mask back in, put a film in (i used a black and white one this time) and start shooting.

i glued the figure for one film with its feet on the bottom, and for the second film with its hands.

then you can experiment... i wanted to create pictures, in which the figure "touches" the object, i wanted to photograph. therefore, you have to guess, where the hands or the head of your figure is. mine was about 1/5th of the total length, and so it was easier to arrange the picture.
but when i got the photographs, none of the pictures looked, like i intended them to be. the figures always were on the opposite side....
i didn't think of this! when the light falls into your camera, it comes on your film upside down. so you always have to remember, to turn your camera upside down!
and on the part where your figure is, it shouldn't be to dark, so that you still can see the black shadow.

so, have a lot of fun experimenting, here are my results and i'd be happy to see yours too!




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