Sunday, May 20, 2012


at thursday my best friend had birthday. of course I wanted to make an extra special and creative present for her. my idea was, to take the photographs from her last birthday till to today which show both of us together or stuff we did together. to my surprise (i always think i don't see my friends in the south (she lives in munich) as often as i would like to) we saw each other really, really often and spend much time together in the last year (two holidays included!).
so i choose the best pictures (because i liked them all so much, i couldn't get it under 73 pictures ;D) and because i love the polaroid-look so much (also i got an old polaroid camera since about one year now, i unfortunately haven't tried it yet because i never had the time to get a film... it's definitly on one of the first places of my to do list!) i took the polaroid program from and made them all polaroid (this takes quite a while, cause the pictures have to develop like real polaroids which takes a few minutes.. (if you shake them, it goes faster) and after 10 pictures you have to quit and restart the program, because the cartridge is empty.. it makes the whole process feel really analogue :D)
so after i turned them to digital polaroid pictures, i let them develop, and had some nice polaroid-style pictures! (if you let them develop: choose "whole picture", because otherwise, the left and right side of the white frame won't be on the picture)
now i wrote something on the frame, or painted something on the picture with silver and black pens (absolutely without any concept, just what came into my mind in that moment... ). as last "picture" i took one of the polaroids i didn't want to use and cut the picture out, so just the frame was left. and on the frame i wrote: "hopefully the frame will be filled this year with many great moments and pictures of the both of us once again!"
at the end i just punched a hole at the under left corner and put a silver chain (from the hobby-market) through it. 
now i only had to send it (the problem just was.. it was past 8 p.m. and the post was closed. so i sticked four 55 cent stamps on it (to be on the safe side) and put it in the mailbox).
as it is always with me, i was a little late, and the day i put it in the mailbox was actually already her birthday. but it arrived 2 days later safely and she imediately called me, and was so, so happy!
so, all the work was worth it!
here are some pictures:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012



one of my best friends is an electrical engineer. at the moment he has to write a new software for a paper cutting machine because its old chips don't get produced anymore.
so, one of the old chips was left over and he found it so pretty, that he just couldn't throw it away.
he glued a stud to the bottom, and coated it with nailpolish.
it's really the most special earring i posess and i just love it!

here are some pictures!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

sketching at work


at the moment i'm an intern at a shooting for a german tv-movie. after last week's indoor-shooting, this week we shot the outdoor parts just around my corner in neukölln (1 minute way to work... great!).
i've never before been at this part in neukölln and i'm so happy that we're shooting there and i can spend so much time there, because it's a great place!
yesterday for example frank zander came by (a german singer) and paid for a round "apfelschorle". he's a really nice and funny guy!
then a strange guy on 2-meter stilts came by. he acted like someone would follow him, run away on his stilts and then came back and danced... so strange!!
the last scene of day we were shooting was a burning house at night. it looked so real, and passengers  asked, if it was a real fire... absolutely interesting to be a part of it.
the day before we clothed a mullah, police-officers, and women in burkas. it's so great, how clothes change your appearance!
sometimes when i'm not at the set which is actually 200 meters shifted from the base (the caravans for the actors, for costume and hair+make-up, and for catering and technique) but at our costume-caravan, there's also sometime waiting, when the others are shooting, and i finished my work i take out my small sketchbook and draw.
this is what came out at wednesday:

the eagle @ villa rixdorf

have a nice weekend you all!