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hey guys!
so this is a short addendum to my weekend.
it was completely full of culture (and some dancing of course!) and so i wanted to recommend you the stuff that i've seen!
first of all, because lola (the german oscar) is being awarded soon, the lola-festival took place. you could watch all off the nominated movies there. it's a really nice idea, the festival pass is 16 euros and you can see 11 great movies! i was watching "kriegerin", "barbara", and "anonymous". all of them are really worth watching, but the one that stood out in my opinion was clearly "kriegerin (female warrior)". it's about right-extremism in germany and it's a story i've never seen before, especially the view of a girl. the main actress alina levshin plays fantastic (no surprise, she's also nominated for best actress and my personal favorite). she shows a very vulnerable as well as an extremly aggressive side. i'm not a good writer of critics... so just go and watch it yourself, you'll understand me afterwards!

© mark gmehling (
then there was the pictoplasma festival (FESTIVAL AND CONFERENCE OF CONTEMPORARY CHARACTER DESIGN AND ART) going on as well. it's a festival in which 16 gallerys and a movie-theatre took place. you can walk along and visit the galleries. there were shown lots of interesting drawing/sculptures/paintings and of course also some weird stuff!
we unfortunately didn't see all of the galleries but i have to mention 3 of the artists i loved! 
1. the 3d-illustrations of mark gmehling. they kind of look porcelain-ish and are really interesting, special and funny!

2. the illustrations of julia pott. really cute and so true!

© julia pott (

3. the illustrations of gemma correll. really, really funny and great wordplays!
check them out!

the last one was exhibited in the circus hostel which was actually the one i slept in the first time i've been to berlin. it's got a wonderful location right at rosenthaler platz, really nice staff, big rooms and the prices are fine. it's also got a nice little café in it in which we ended our gallery tour and ate some vitamines (yes, giving some vitamines to the body, which we lost the night before...) it's really comfy, and if you happen to be there by yourself, there are even ipods+headphones on the walls!
and i want those for my kitchen wall: (!!!)

so, if you happen to be in berlin at this time next year, don't miss pictoplasma!

and last but not least my weekend ended in the hau 1 (hebbel am ufer 1, a berlin theatre) at "ghost machine - a videowalk of janet cardiff and george bures miller". this was really great. you get an ipod with headphones on and wait in the queue. when it's your turn, you have to sit on a chair and start the movie on the ipod. a women tells you a story and the movie is recorded in the same theatre from the spot you actually sit. then you have to synchronize yourself with the movie. for example when the camera that recorded the movie turns to the left, you have to move your hands that hold the ipod to the left as well. it's kind of like you would see the theatre through the camera-function of the ipod, just that there are other people on your screen, because you see the movie. and then you have to follow the movie and walk through almost the whole theatre and there's like some kind of mystery involved. it's really, really a lot of fun, because it's really spooky from time to time. for example you stand in the dark theatre hall and there whispers a manly voice in your left ear. you turn around, and of course, nobody is there... it's also good, that you walk alone and you really get to know the building (we walked in the basement, the roof, the hall, backstage...) it's actually very special, exciting and sometimes even really spooky!
unfortunately it's over already.. but they do it about every year, so watch out for the next chance!

© thomas aurin

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